inContact Launches Powerful New Integration Capabilities for Cloud-Based Call Routing and CRM Systems

SALT LAKE CITY (Apr 26, 2011) --inContact (NASDAQ: SAAS), the leading provider of on-demand call center software and call center agent optimization tools, announced today the release of its Plugin Agent, which enables a seamless but powerful integration between the company's cloud-based call routing software and leading CRM systems. The inContact Plugin Agent powerfully combines customer information with contact routing and self-service solutions and acts as an "action engine" for the CRM data.

"In the traditional premise world, CRM integration has been a very complex and expensive undertaking, and as a result, call centers have been forced to work with many siloed applications," said Jim Tanner, EVP Product and Strategy at inContact. "As the market leader in cloud-based call center solutions, simplifying the pain of integration and providing service applications that work together to enhance the customer experience is a key tenet in our product strategy."

Every day, call center agents use a variety of applications to assist their customers. As a result, call handling and resolution times can be significantly impacted by toggling between applications. And without the integration of the customer data with the routed call, agents can be ineffective and unprepared, causing customer dissatisfaction.

The inContact Plugin Agent enables intelligent call routing so that the call and caller information are delivered on a single, unified screen on the agent's desktop. In addition, the Plugin Agent embeds the inContact call controls directly into the CRM application toolbar. It enables call centers to provide more effective service while enabling agents to adhere to the workflows of the applications being used. CRM providers and systems integrators can also leverage the inContact Plugin Agent to deliver powerful, tailored solutions for their call center customers.

The Plugin Agent enables users to:

  • Utilize a unified interface in the browser, so there is no switching between the CRM and inContact applications
  • Embed "screen pops" in the CRM, which serves up the corresponding customer data when the call is routed to an agent
  • Place calls without keying the numbers with the click-to-dial feature
  • Automatically create "call task" records in the CRM, minimizing after-call work
  • Switch between different browser windows and tabs, while seamlessly maintaining connectivity to the customer.

Tanner concluded, "The inContact Plugin Agent gives our customers a powerful but easy-to-use CRM integration that enables the agent to deliver the most intelligent and personalized service experience."

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