Debunked: 3 IT Career Myths Moving your Contact Center to the Cloud

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Moving to Cloud

Hosting contact center services in the cloud is proving to deliver significant benefits in cost, scalability and agility. Learn how forward-thinking IT leaders are using recaptured resources and repurposing them to create even greater business differentiation while at the same time re-engaging IT staff in new innovative and fulfilling projects.
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Myth 3: Moving to the cloud means losing control over processes and data
Unfortunately, processes are reshaped over time to compensate for growing limitations of aging systems. Ask yourself how you would do things differently if those limitations no longer existed. Cloud delivered services offer a chance to reset and take back control of key processes and your ability to digitally transform your company with greater agility. For example, front-line managers could directly access data and reports giving them more control and greater ability to deliver new or improved services.
Myth 1: Moving to the cloud is the same as outsourcing or downsizing IT jobs
Your cloud provider becomes your “sixth man” to handle the day-to-day operational tasks of maintenance, upgrades, change control and meeting SLA’s. Rather than eliminating staff, adding a cloud provider has the opposite effect of giving your team greater capacity to innovate and create unique solutions for the business and getting cutting edge skills.
Myth 2: Managing an on-premises solution is really a fixed cost that cannot be eliminated
Skilled IT professionals are really a valued long-term asset. But when you have them doing hardware and software upgrades, troubleshooting and fixing problems, and generally tending to the operations of on-premises systems, this comes at a high opportunity cost. Imagine the possibilities if these professionals were free to do higher value work – like working with users to streamline processes, developing over maintaining, innovating over fixing, and using their time to improve skills and deliver unique IT value using forward technologies like cloud!

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