Experts at Making Your inContact Installation Worry-Free

Our Professional Services team members are experts at configuring and customizing your new inContact system. But their real goal is to make sure your installation is a worry-free and - dare we say - wonderful experience.
They’ve done over 1200 successful deployments and have customized hundreds of inContact systems. And they’ve got a killer methodology, called ABCD, (link to ABCD page) which makes their work with you straight-forward, clear, and systematic.
Count on our Professional Services team to: 
  • Move at your speed, deploying within 60 days (or even quicker if needed)
  • Design a solution that works with your current and future needs
  • Be your key resource through every step – from specifying requirements to deployment
  • Provide on-site and remote assistance through your entire implementation
  • Give you the tools, information, and training so you can manage your own system going forward

What Our Customers Say

“Beyond having a really killer platform with great technology, inContact has great people that support and help you all along the way."
Chris Scholl, CarSafe

What Our Professional Services' Team Says

“I am the lucky one who gets to hear the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ [when we launch a new system]. Many times, the CEO, supervisors, managers, HR, and others are hovering around the call center waiting for the first call on their NEW inContact system. As soon as it comes in, they cheer and clap. We’ve even had customers pop champagne bottles to celebrate.”
Austin Brown, inContact

Learn how our Professional Services team can assist you.