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Overview Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center

  • Improve customer experiences, retention, and loyalty
  • Drive business decisions with automated actions
  • Optimize agent performance with skilling and prioritized call routing
  • Cut operating costs and minimize capital expenditures
  • Reduce time spent managing complex solutions
  • Increase revenue

Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center eliminates manual interventions and inefficient processes by integrating contact center infrastructure and Workforce Optimization (WFO) systems. Workforce optimization performance data drives automatic call distribution and interactive voice response processes, so your team spends less time manually checking agent performance and adjusting assignments. The result is an improved customer experience, high productivity, and operational efficiency.

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  • Drive Business Decisions with Automated Actions

    Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center integrates core contact systems, like Multi-Channel ACD and Interactive Voice Response (IVR), with Workforce Optimization to eliminate inefficient manual processes, improve agent productivity, and offer an outstanding customer experience. Many contact center systems send information from the ACD and IVR to WFO. Workforce‐Intelligence also sends performance data the other way - from WFO to the ACD and IVR – to drive logical actions and outcomes. This means, for example, that if customer surveys score a new agent’s performance highly, then the system will automatically increase their proficiency. Or, conversely, if feedback survey scores are poor, the agent can be automatically removed from queues and follow-up coaching is scheduled.

  • Optimize Agent Performance with Skilling and Prioritized Call Routing

    Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center can sense and track agent performance with certain channels and specific customer types. The system reports individual KPIs, QM scores, and eLearning ratings. It then adjusts skilling and prioritized call routing to help optimize agent performance. Let’s say an agent performs much better via phone than chat. This intelligence is sent back to the ACD and proactively prioritizes the agent’s calls, which increases productivity and quality of service.

  • Improve Customer Experiences, Retention and Loyalty

    What if your contact center system could detect a customer’s frustration and immediately initiate proactive service? Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center can do just that through speech analytics and post-call surveys to sense if customers are disappointed with the service they’ve received. Calls are flagged and directed for corrective action, including signaling an outbound is necessary to correct a lack of information for a customer.

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