3 critical customer service changes in 2021-2022


Digital transformation accelerated by at least 5 years during the pandemic – 44% of companies have a CX transformation initiative completed or underway, and another 32% plan to start one in 2022.

Why is digital CX transformation so critical for contact centers? Because the customer journey now starts well before consumers connect with agents – via websites, mobile apps, 3rd party communities and virtual assistants.

Learn how the right contact center platform can connect ‘digital first’ journeys with enhanced self-service, AI-driven channels and real-time analytics – so you can drive powerful relationships with your customers.

What you can expect

  • Learn how to reorganize customer engagement teams based on where the ‘digital first’ journey begins.
  • Find out how to hire, train and leverage agents when engagement moves beyond traditional ‘break fix’ calls.
  • Discover how to harness and make the most of data about the customer experience.