CXone Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI)


CXone Automation and Artificial Intelligence streamlines service delivery, providing fast resolution of customer issues and eliminating mundane tasks, releasing you from busy work that inhibits innovation. With automatic completion of routine customer interactions and after contact work, your team can focus on providing personalized service that leads to better business outcomes. Stop wasting time on low-level tasks that don’t impact your contact center goals. Give your team the freedom to focus on what really matters—an exceptional customer experience.

White Papers

Cloud Contact Center: Customer Centricity (PDF)

This report illustrates the top factors driving companies to invest in a cloud-based infrastructure, and the results associated with this strategy. Don’t miss the three sets of vital capabilities that help organizations maximize returns from investments in cloud technology.

Demo Videos

CXone Performance Management (video)

See a product overview of how CXone Performance Management can work to inspire your employees to improve their performance and align with your organization’s goals using a social, web-based environment.

Demo Videos

NICE CX Solutions Power Young Energy's Customer Service (Video)

As a provider of electricity to homes and businesses in Texas, Young Energy has made customer service a priority. The company’s long partnership with NICE—and the move to the CX cloud experience platform and solutions—has enabled it to continue building and refining its efforts. From forecasting and scalability to agent performance and customer satisfaction, Young Energy has seen improvement at every turn, especially in the metrics that matter the most. The company’s billing and CRM platforms have also been integrated, enabling Young Energy to serve its customers even better.