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With CXone, RentPath Supports Rental Offices with Peak Performance


Missed calls in busy apartment rental offices mean lost business. That’s why RentPath’s Live Response Solution, which operates 24/7/365 as a virtual leasing center, is just the ticket for onsite teams in apartment communities. But RentPath also needed its own technology solution—CXone—which has boosted agent engagement, improved service levels, increased quality scores and even mines valuable data.


Improving Your Agent Experience, One Step at a Time

Research reveals there is a foundational relationship between agent experience and good customer experience. The more a contact center can engage and motivate agents – the less attrition it will experience, which positively affects customers and the organization. This webinar takes leaders through the process of building agent experience maturity, one step at a time. 

White Papers

DMG 2019-2020 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Product and Market Report

DMG Consulting’s 2019-2020 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Product and Market Report presents product as well as vendor satisfaction ratings, each broken down into several categories, as collected from cloud contact center users. Download your copy today to read how NICE CXone scored in the vendor satisfaction categories.

White Papers

Do you have the right strategy to minimize cost in your contact center?

Cost to serve remains a key goal for Contact Center executives. While there are many ways to cut costs it is important to balance it with Customer Experience. Also, not all options will work best for you. It depends on the business cycle you are in.  Learn about your options to cut contact center costs, based on your business cycle.