NICE, The Emmy Winner & Next Generation Of CX

VIEW Oct 27, 2021
Contact Centres - NICE Teams Up with Emmy Award Winner Eugene Levy to Present the Next Generation of Customer Experience with CXone in New Global Campaign – The campaign brings to life that almost is just not good enough in the era of digital consumers.

NICE Platform Answers Call for Hyper-Personal CX Tools

VIEW Oct 12, 2021
CRM Buyer - The age of digital adoption is well underway. This technology enables users to fully use digital tools to become entirely self-sufficient and competent. One of the most pressing needs for digital revitalization is enhancing customer relations.

Contact Centers Offer a Glimpse into the Future of AI—if You Know Where to Look

VIEW Oct 6, 2021
AiThority - No matter the industry or customer base, businesses have had to adapt to a sharp rise in digital interactions over the past year. With customer activity and expectations changing rapidly and less predictable than ever, many enterprises have turned to AI to help manage swings in customer demand and crunch large amounts of data and draw actionable insights from it.

Why Digital May Be Stressing Your Agents Out

VIEW Oct 1, 2021
Call Centre Helper - In this article contributed by John O’Hara at NICE, he explores why digital may be stressing your agents out. The overnight shift to working from home created new challenges related to staffing (who is working and when) and agent performance (how they’re working). But the transition to work from home was only part of the challenge—companies also had to adapt to the rapid adoption of digital channels, which have forced organizations to rethink how they manage agent key metrics and new technology while helping employees balance evolving demands.

NICE Partners with Bell Canada

VIEW Sep 15, 2021
Destination CRM - NICE today announced an agreement with Bell, Canada's largest communications company, to expand access to NICE CXone for Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) in Canada.

NICE Acquires GoMoxie

VIEW Aug 11, 2021
Destination CRM - NICE has acquired GoMoxie, a provider of advanced digital assistance tools that anticipate customer needs and guide them through their online digital journeys with relevant snippets of information. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

CX Is About to Change (Again)

VIEW Aug 2, 2021
Contact Center Pipeline - Much has been written about the impact of the pandemic on just about everything, including what it means to be a customer. Check-ups and appointments went online. Brick-and-mortar retail turned to digital. Our entire experience with brands was contained within a few square inches of a screen.

For Better Customer Interactions Think Beyond Bots - Smart Customer Service

VIEW Jul 14, 2021
Smart Customer Service - At times, we all have conflicting priorities. This is especially true when it comes to customer service. Everyone wants faster resolutions, but the best customer service interactions are often those that introduce personalization, human-to-human engagement, and maybe even a little novelty. Is it possible to be fast and high-touch? Some companies have built a reputation around either fast service or personalized experiences. Few have learned how to truly excel at both.

NICE Redefines Proactive Conversational AI for Digital Experiences With CXone SmartReach

VIEW Jul 8, 2021

AiThority - NICE, announced the launch of CXone SmartReach following the acquisition of ContactEngine, the leader in proactive conversational AI. CXone SmartReach is a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution that enables organizations to have proactive, multi-day, asynchronous conversations – interacting with customers through their channels of choice even before they reach out for service. ContactEngine AI manages intelligent conversations, transforming the efficiency and costs of operations, and revolutionizing customer experience.

NICE Continues Digital CX Buying Spree

VIEW Jul 7, 2021
No Jitter - NICE today announced the launch of CXone SmartReach, based on technology from the acquisition of proactive conversational AI company ContactEngine. ContactEngine was founded in 2005 in Hartford, U.K., and later opened an office in McLean, Va.

Modern Customer Service Management Software

VIEW Jun 21, 2021
Call Centre Helper - Software that can benefit customers, employees, and businesses sounds a little too good to be true, but that’s exactly what modern customer service management software is capable of.

Large Financial Institution Moves to NICE CXone

VIEW Jun 3, 2021
Call Centre Helper - NICE CXone announced that one of the largest financial institutions in Latin America has chosen CXone, the industry’s most proven, complete and smart customer experience platform, for a comprehensive move of 10,000 agents to the cloud.

Managing Customer Expectations In A Changing Digital Landscape

VIEW Jun 2, 2021
Forbes - Customers are tired. One year into a global pandemic that has kept the masses at home and rewritten the playbook for successful and engaging brand experiences, patience for friction is at an all-time low while digital interactions are reaching record heights. Many customers now live their lives fully online, so to interact with a brand that offers anything less than effortless interactions can immediately lead to lost business and, in many cases, the loss of a customer for life.