Educational resources for call center AI.

Get a better understanding of what AI can do for your contact center in this educational series on AI. Learn what’s out there, how to leverage AI to achieve your goals and how to prepare for the transformative impact AI can have.
Call center AI comes to life

Contact center agent Mallory is great at her job, but she just can’t keep up with all the interactions. In a desperate plea, she wishes for help and a tiny robot appears to grant her wish. Find out what happens as they get acquainted.
When the call center discovers the secret to success
When artificial intelligence comes to life as a tiny robot, Mallory the agent’s scores surpass all her peers. Find out what happens when her manager discovers the secret to her newfound success.

AI 101: Fundamentals of contact center AI.

What AI can do is far and wide depending on its application, the industry it’s used in and the people using it. With such a broad range of uses and 100 vendors vying for your attention, it’s no surprise that yet another flashy AI headline becomes white noise. These introductory assets will help clear the fog on AI basics.
Contact center AI explained by pop culture
Learn about call center AI fundamentals in the least boring way possible. Through AI movie and pop culture examples, you’ll better understand complex AI technologies and terms and real-life applications—popcorn not included.

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Artificial Intelligence for Improved CX
This infographic from Metrigy explores the call center AI applications with the most CX ROI. With these 2021 call center AI statistics, understand aspects like average spend by company size, top use cases and biggest areas of growth for gaining improved CX from AI.
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What AI does your contact center need?
Call center artificial intelligence makes life easier. But knowing where and how to start with AI can be challenging. In this interactive, click what most applies and self-guide your way to a short list of use cases that make the most sense for your company’s AI maturity and goals.
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201: Getting started and making the case for AI.

Now that you’ve got the fundamentals down pact, you’re ready to act. Learn steps to get started and see first-hand results and data to support making the business case for AI. With these resources, make the most out of your call center AI investments.
The inner circle guide to AI, chatbots and machine learning
This comprehensive paper from ContactBabel takes a deep dive into use cases for AI in the contact center with data on how others have implemented AI, the ROI of AI use cases and answers to frequently asked questions.
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Forrester consulting AI readiness assessment
In a few clicks, you can determine how your company currently performs and is prepared for AI implementation. Along with your score, you’ll gain actionable next steps to take you to the next level.

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Best practices for applying AI to your contact center
In 7 steps, you’ll learn to prepare for and maximize the benefits of AI. Aberdeen data shows the first-hand benefits and contact center AI use cases applied in contact centers today, highlighting how leaders have and can gain the most return on an AI investment.
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Masterclass: Contact center AI as a catalyst for change.

No matter how much or how well AI is implemented, there’s always a need and benefit to human connection. The question is, how does introducing AI impact the human role? With this masterclass, better understand how AI empowers the agent to create possibilities for delivering lasting business results and transformed experiences for the agent and the customer.
Solving for the human side of AI
AI will transform your business. Better understand how companies are impacted and get best practices for striking the right balance between manpower and machine with this data and advice from Aberdeen.

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AI-infused contact center
Adding AI is essential to elevating the customer and agent experience at your contact center, but you need a strategic roadmap to effectively harness its benefits. This eBook from the experts at Forrester Consulting will prepare you for thoughtful implementation, helping you optimize CX and transform your business.
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Call center chatbot solutions.

These call center chatbot resources will help you build bots your customers want to talk to and gain the most from your contact center chatbot or virtual agent.
Can you spot the bot?

Can you identify human from computer? In this game you’ll be quizzed on examples of work created by humans and computers to see how your Artificial Intelligence IQ stacks up to the masses. Most people can’t spot the difference, can you?

Chatbot starter’s guide
This comprehensive eBook will guide you on chatbot and virtual agent fundamentals before going beyond the basics to help you determine which solution is right for you and chatbot best practices your contact center needs to succeed.

Tips for building the best chatbot
Chatbots scale easily and can handle many interactions at a time, making them perfect candidates for tasks with a predictable and well-defined conversation flow. This cheat sheet and essential checklist will help you get started.

ECSI gains from chat implementation
ECSI, provider of higher education solutions, needed to support students faster and easier. With one platform to administer and manage live chat, chatbot and other interactions, ECSI helped live agents increase productivity and improve customer interactions.

Effortless customer self-service.

Customers expect to easily find the answers they need in the quickest way possible. Augmenting self-service with AI-powered technologies isn’t just smart, it’s a no-brainer. With these resources, understand self-service best practices and where AI helps power your self-service strategy.
Smarter self-service helps customers help themselves
This insightful infographic shares all the latest self-service statistics and data and why it matters to your contact center, including stats on businesses that are using it to provide an exceptional customer experience, reduce costs, and avoid agent burnout.

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Effortless service, happier customers
Did you know 84% of consumers are more willing to do business with companies that offer self-service, but only 61% say companies offer easy, convenient self-service? Uncover expert insights for how you can effectively implement self-service capabilities to resolve customer issues quickly.
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Valvoline Drives Outstanding ROI
Before Valvoline struggled with consistent customer experience. Aside from transitioning interactions from the service centers to the contact center, it used IVR to address FAQs and reduce call volumes for agents.

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There’s a smarter way to resolve issues faster.
CXone Automation and Artificial Intelligence automates for speed and savings by empowering effortless self-service, personalized experiences and un-chained productivity to deliver an exceptional customer experience.
NICE CXone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) self-service Bots and IVR.
AI can deliver effortless, personalized customer experience consumers expect. This three-minute demo video highlights how AI and automation are powering customer self-service to new levels with conversational AI-powered chat bots and IVR.
Cost effective AI.
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