12 questions

12 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Contact Center Software

The market is filled with premise, hosted, and cloud contact center software providers, so it can be difficult to sift through the options and find the right solution for your business. Whether you’re currently in an unhappy contact center software relationship or starting out fresh, we developed a checklist to help you evaluate vendors and their core competencies. Check out the questions below and visit our Choose Wisely page to download the checklist for yourself.

  1. System Integration: Can it easily integrate with other important applications like your CRM?
  2. Service Reliability: What’s the vendor’s public uptime guarantee for reliable service? How does the provider measure uptime and what’s excluded from the calculation?
  3. Easy to Change: Is it easy to change or configure the system to match your business’ changing needs?
  4. Reporting and Analytics: Can you accurately forecast your workforce needs and quickly get reports on important metrics?
  5. System Upgrades: How are upgrades performed? Are new upgrades automatically available as soon as they’re released? How often do upgrades occur?
  6. Cloud Focused: Is the vendor’s solution 100% cloud-based?
  7. Multichannel support: Can they support different types of communication channels (such as social media, email, chat, and text) and monitor them in one queue?
  8. Pay As You Go: Can you pay as you go and only for the services you actually use?
  9. Free Upgrades: Do you have to pay extra for upgrades or are they automatically included at no extra charge?
  10. Fluctuating Call Volumes: Can the system quickly handle call spikes and be scaled back when call volumes drop?
  11. Support Agents Anywhere: How difficult or easy is it to add more agents to the system? Do all agents need to work in the same location or can the system support them regardless of their location?
  12. Customer Satisfaction: Have current customers has a positive experience? Do their customers enthusiastically recommend them?