speech analytics

5 Reasons Why Your Contact Center Needs Speech Analytics

Understanding customers’ needs would be much simpler with access to a fortune teller’s mystical crystal ball. Unfortunately, in the real world there are no shortcuts to this type of enlightenment. Or are there? Today more and more companies are utilizing speech analytics technology to gain customer insight and enhance the quality management (QM) processes. This new technology allows you to not only capture important data, but also give you the insight needed to take action on it. Speech analytics gives you the ability to understand more about your customers’ needs without having to rely on finicky survey results.

  • Why is your customer calling?
  • Why are they concerned?
  • Why are they happy or unhappy with your services?

Contact center software companies are now providing innovative solutions that are both easy on the wallet and powerful enough to provide deep insight. While every business has differences, there are some key benefits of speech analytics that can be useful for your contact center no matter what it’s function.

  1. Understand why customers are calling. Understanding what types of calls are coming allows management to create training and best practices for the most common scenarios. Being able to handle the most common calls better will help you improve the customer experience.
  2. Expand your sampling without expanding your resources. Most contact centers sample 1% or less of their total call volume. Strategic business decisions are made based on a tiny portion of the complete picture. Speech analytics gives contact centers the ability to categorize all recorded transactions without the need to listen to every call. This gives you the opportunity to see the entire big picture at a single glance.
  3. Focus your resources on what matters. With the small sample size of random monitoring, you may or may not be finding the biggest drivers of your business. Speech analytics lets management tailor monitoring sample sizes, ensuring the categories most important and relevant to your business are receiving the proper attention.
  4. Improve your general business processes. The purpose of quality management in contact centers is to drive changes in behavior, which will have a positive impact on business. Speech analytics provides another layer of intelligence to drive changes in training, recruiting, monitoring, coaching, and workforce management.
  5. Build better hiring profiles based on customer needs. Understanding the behaviors and traits of successful agents can be challenging. Speech analytics offers additional insight into your various call categories so the recruiting department can create better hiring profiles that accurately depict the needs of your contact center.

Speech analytics provides the full picture of your customer interactions, giving you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions without the added strain on quality management resources. In the increasingly competitive world of customer experience, every bit of customer insight is valuable. Don’t rely on data from small sample sizes or calls to Miss Cleo. With the software being so affordable, the time to implement a speech analytics solution is now.