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Virtual Agents are Automating the Contact Center: Natural Language Greeting & Intent Capture

With all of the new improvements and changes in modern day customer service technology, it’s no surprise that customer expectations have evolved to follow suit as well. Customers want better and faster self-service options, especially in the voice channel thanks to the popularity and increased adoption of conversational home/personal assistants. Since a dial-tone IVR is not be...
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Best Practice Number Four: Give Customers Access to Live Agents and Vice Versa

You have begun to transform your call center by identifying ideal self-service processes, mimicking live agent workflow, and exploring a strong omnichannel offering. But you still need to consider the preferences of the customers you serve, particularly when it comes to “who” they prefer to engage with and for what reason.Some customers – even when presented with...
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Best Practice Number Three: Avoid Silo Channels

The last entry detailed how designing your automation based on existing live agent behavior is essential to a consistent and efficient customer experience. We all know that in this age of digitization, however, your company’s self-service strategic plan has to consider more than just the voice channel. This post details the importance of omnichannel, and how to...