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Exploring CRM Integrations

In the modern contact center, call routing and customer relationship management (CRM) go hand-in-hand. The sad truth is that, although they are both integral parts of a successful center, many organizations simply live with these systems functioning in separate, autonomous silos. To address this, we recently released technology to merge our best-in-class call routing platform into standard...

The Challenge of Multi-Application Agent Work Environment

A few months ago I wrote about the success that some contact centers are having with unifying multiple applications into one space. In that instance, the organization made a big move to and condensed more than a dozen systems into one. The gains they made in efficiency and contact resolution in the contact center...

Disproportianate Consequences

I imagine it has happened to us all. You know when you seat yourself at a table and drive your knee into a table leg. It hurts; a lot. And the amount of pain seems to be a lot larger than the size of the mistake you just made. It happened to me...

Creating a Powerful Call Center

When customer relationship management (CRM) tools came into the market, they promised businesses clarity and insight into their customers. What they’ve delivered is terabytes of raw, hard-to-interpret, and un-actionable data. Over time operational CRMs have gotten better, but many businesses are still stuck in the 1990s. They struggle with turning data into information. Today I read an...

Getting it All Into One Place:

Not too long ago I visited a high value/high touch B2B call center in the automotive industry. Over the past year they've made monumental investments in consolidating all of their old records and data into the same system with their current data and making it accessible by any of their geographically separated divisions. Here are two...

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