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Measurement Madness

Call center productivity is more important than ever before. According to ICMI, the average customer service call center tracks more than 25 metrics (read the full story here). But in this world, "the more the merrier" is not an effective strategy. Doing so is disorienting and can mark the death of the five critical KPIs that matter: 1....

Stop the Debate

Stop the debate. Look at the bigger picture. If the economic downturn has taught us one thing, it’s this: the ongoing debate over cost of customer acquisition verses cost of customer retention has been forever set to rest. Although an understanding of those costs is important, the debate is not worth having. The truly important consideration is sweepingly broad,...

When is Technology Inadequate

The rule: technology is inadequate when it fails to deliver on business requirements. Let’s think about this. In our world, technology has become a key element in delivering quality interactions with customers and prospects, ensuring business success and longevity. It wasn’t that long ago when technology was cast in only a supporting role. Times have really changed. How is your...