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What is customer effort and how does contact center AI impact it

What is Customer Effort and How Does Contact Center AI Impact it?

In these days of over-the-top service examples, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that many people just want their problems solved with very little effort on their part. In fact, the results of a study published in the Harvard Business Review* revealed that reducing customer effort is a better way to build loyalty than trying to delight customers.
Managing the Right Mix of Capabilities to Absorb Volume Swings

Managing the Right Mix of Capabilities to Absorb Volume Swings

This is an exciting time for contact centers and the customers they serve. Modern technology, such as digital channels and chatbots, has empowered consumers with more control over how they interact with businesses. At the same time, businesses benefit by being able to deliver loyalty-enhancing CX that also increases their ability to effortlessly handle volume swings.
Robust customer service solutions enhance the evolving customer journey

Robust Customer Service Solutions Enhance the Evolving Customer Journey

When we talk about the "customer experience", some also think "customer journey" and mistakenly use these interchangeably. These terms can be confusing and difficult to follow, but it’s actually a simple distinction. First, yes, they are two different things. Second, yes, they both require your attention. What’s important to realize is that the journey is much more insightful for business planning and growth because it offers a more detailed look at every move the customer makes.
University of Florida 1990s Sorority Sisters

I’m Gen-X and I Don’t Want to Talk to You Either: Customer Service Secrets You Need to Know

Businesses are sitting on a gold mine of information, go talk to your Gen X-ers. Listen to what they have to say about the experience you should be delivering, and how you can deliver it. Then empower them to make it happen! Learn about all the considerations and how to keep not just your contact center, but your customer service experience, ahead of the game.