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University of Florida 1990s Sorority Sisters

I’m Gen-X and I Don’t Want to Talk to You Either: Customer Service Secrets You Need to Know

Businesses are sitting on a gold mine of information, go talk to your Gen X-ers. Listen to what they have to say about the experience you should be delivering, and how you can deliver it. Then empower them to make it happen! Learn about all the considerations and how to keep not just your contact center, but your customer service experience, ahead of the game.
Call center agent with cancer is glad she can work from home during COVID-19, while she is immuno-compromised.

How, when and if your call center agents should return to the office

After a cancer diagnosis and undergoing treatment, A NICE inContact employee’s daughter knew she needed to work from home especially during COVID-19. She felt fortunate to have found employment with a call center after undergoing multiple rounds of treatment that resulted in a period of unemployment. Now she was worried about calling in sick or facing the alternative of going to work immuno-compromised.
Contact Center Leaders Advise How to Manage Your Team During a Crisis

Contact Center Leaders Advise How to Manage Your Team During a Crisis

Our lives have been disrupted, both at home and work. And the rapid pace of information we are getting about COVID-19 worldwide both via traditional news outlets and social media creates an even more heightened sense of concern. COVID-19 is challenging for everyone, and especially for organizations who play important roles in supporting their communities. COVID-19 contact center Business Continuity Planning has taken top priority.