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5 Ways to Refresh Your Contact Center Agents Mindset in the New Year

5 Ways to Refresh Your Contact Center Agents' Mindset in the New Year

Ringing in the new year provides an opportunity to create a fresh start for your agents and your contact center – even despite the stale circumstances. So while the start of 2021 might not bring the overnight “new year, new you” fix we were all hoping for, here are some workforce engagement ideas to help refresh your agents’ mindset to start the year on the right foot.
Digital Customer Service Is More Than Just A Channel

Digital Customer Service Is More Than Just A Channel

NICE inContact CXone has all your needs covered, from 30+ channels, to digital-ready workforce management and quality management, all under one hood with one seamless experience. That way you can spent less time worrying how to execute your digital transformation, and more time wowing your customers and engaging your agents.
Can Workforce Engagement Turn Your Problem Agent into a Model Agent

Can Workforce Engagement Turn Your Problem Agent into a Model Agent?

There’s always at least one in every contact center. The agent that tests your patience, triggers an eye-twitch, elicits some curse words (in your head, of course) and makes your job as a contact center manager much more challenging at times. But the reality is, these agents aren’t waking up in the morning with the goal of making your life more difficult! Nor did they accept the job with the goal of failing – which means there is still hope for them!
Balancing your message to Work-From-Home agents to Restore Team Productivity

Balancing Your Message to Work-From-Home Agents to Restore Team Productivity

Over the last few months, organizations across the world have relocated their contact center agents from cubicals to comfy couches (or hopefully kitchen tables and desks.) Regardless of the furniture, the point is, most contact centers have adopted a work-from-home model in a very short amount of time. Every day we see leaders of countries and companies alike trying to balance their message to stakeholders– these are extraordinary times, but at the same time, we must also do what we can to maintain normalcy and business as usual.
Supervisor coaches call center agent based on quality management analytics during work from home.

Five Quality Management Problems — Solved by Analytics

If your contact center has yet to implement analytics and you’re eager to improve quality management performance, now may be an ideal time to implement this strategic technology. Hoping for stronger quality outcomes? Infusing analytics into your quality management process can pave the way to solutions in a systematic, simplified way.