Salesforce appexchange program partner

Better Together: inContact and Salesforce

We’re proud to be a part of the Salesforce AppExchange! The marriage between Salesforce and your inContact routing engine is at the heart of both the customer and agent experience. Without the two together, you miss out on all the context and the personalization that is key to a modern customer journey. inContact’s Agent for Salesforce has advantages for both the agent experience and for the customer experience.

How  inContact Agent for Salesforce works for you:

  1. “Always there, never in the way” agent interface
  2. No time-consuming screen switching
  3. Reduces call handle time
  4. Unclutters the desktop for agents
  5. Drives personalized interactions
  6. Provides context (history) about the customer
  7. Speeds up outbound dialing
  8. Maximizes sales productivity
  9. Captures custom information
  10. Works smoothly with marketing campaigns
  11. Respond to leads in seconds from websites, email, mobile devices
  12. Built-in workflow
  13. Native Salesforce case routing
  14. Easy to install, use and manage
  15. Can be deployed directly from Appexchange

Recently we published a case study of how one inContact customer was able to dramatically improve their results. Read here how Workfront was able to increase lead conversion from 50 to 80 percent, and increase lead volume by 30 percent. Also, please watch the video interview with Dan Bergstrom, Director Demand Conversion at Workfront.

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