Carrying the Sign

As one of the many thousands of travelers across America, I am constantly deplaning, running to my next flight, landing again, and swiftly grabbing the next rental car in order to get to my hotel. Yet, I rarely get to experience the many warm sights of the airport “arrival” locale. This past week, I had just that opportunity. As I exited the airport to the baggage claim, I was heartily surprised at the number of family members awaiting their kin.

Although I still had an hour before getting to my final destination, I paused to take in the scene. There on my right was a family: grandparents, spouses, children, uncles, aunts, and friends all preparing for the arrival of "one of their own”.  They were laughing and visiting while a couple children were playing tag, yet I felt the restlessness in the air as I observed their eyes fixed on the concourse exit I had just walked out of. They held a big banner that said “Welcome Home”, and a cardboard sign that said, “We’re proud of YOU”. 

Over the baggage claim speakers, the announcement that flight 447 had touched down and would be at the gate momentarily. The family all gave out a big cheer and they moved closer to the exit and awaited their hero. As I watched the inevitable, I realized how “right” this was: a spouse gathering the family to welcome home one of their own.

Are you able to deliver that “Welcome” to your clients? Are you able to provide exemplary service to those clients who need to understand and feel that your interaction with them is a great thing? 

inContact can help provide that personalized and customized interaction for any and all of your clients. Don’t let your customers experience the loneliness of not having a warm “Welcome”. Customers deserve to feel important with YOU carrying the sign.