Compliance vs. Quality - Which is More Important

Ok, I got you! This is in fact a trick question for which there are two possible answers.

Answer #1: It depends. In some cases an emphasis may be placed on compliance, particularly if your center is susceptible to lawsuits or legal scrutiny or your business is based on getting people on and off the phone as quickly as possible. On the other hand, call duration may not matter for those centers where achieving top customer satisfaction is the mark of perfection. Most centers that I have encountered typically try to maintain some mixture of the two, such as a 70/30 emphasis on compliance over quality.

Answer #2: They are both equally important. Some may argue this based on the description in answer #1, but I will continue to emphasize that BOTH compliance and quality are important to maximizing the performance of your center. There are benefits back to your business by maximizing the efficiency of your agents while also providing your customers with a positive, memorable service experience.

Either way, the takeaway here is that you must absolutely understand what it is you are trying to accomplish day by day in your contact center. If you take the time to truly understand your customers, finding the best mixture of quality and compliance will quickly fall into place.