Earning the Customer Back Through Great Service

It has been said that “if you are a good enough salesperson, you can sell anything to anyone once.” However, in order to sell something twice, the customer needs to experience great service. Intuitively, most businesses know this…but it takes effort to deliver great service. It also takes the entire team to deliver the kind of service that will convince the customer to buy again.

Are our contact centers working hard to provide the level of service that customers need to keep buying your products and services? Remember…it takes the entire team to build a culture of service and it doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Take the time to teach your agents how to render great service.  Teach them how to sound interested and excited to serve each customer, call after call.  Teach them how to use the tools and policies that you provide to not just answer questions the customer asks, but to identify the real problems customers are calling about and solve the problem. That creates a great experience and brings customers back to keep you in business.