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From Cloudy to Clear: Cloud Native Contact Center Apps Drive Enhanced Customer Experience

This is part three of a four part series about Cloud Native vs Cloud Hosted.

In part one of this blog series, we looked at the basic differences between cloud native and cloud hosted models and in part two on some of the pros and cons of the two models as it relates to IT leaders. This part will focus on the two models from the perspective of a Contact Center Operations Leader.

As Operations Leaders, you are definitely looking at efficiency and effectiveness in operations; cost to serve never ceases to be an important goal. However, as transformation leaders, you are always looking at adding true business value, one that drives revenue. You can now achieve that. Customer experience (CX) is now the new way to compete in this experience economy and contact center operations are the real powerhouse to drive exceptional CX, thereby revenue.

Here are some of my insights on how the two models can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Creating exceptional CX comes from treating every customer unique as opposed to a one-size fits all approach. Hosted systems are more rigid when it comes to customization and even routing across multiple geographic sites gets complex and unwieldy. As you build a truly personalized experience for each customer, you are looking at taking real time actions based on every customer – changing IVR scripts on the fly, configuring systems on your own without waiting for IT. Cloud native provides this instant ability to take action effortlessly and gives you the true flexibility and power to create exceptional experience the way you want it. Not have technology dictate what you can do.
  • As Operations leaders, you have always been in rapidly changing business environment –be it a disaster or meeting fluctuating seasonal demands. Scaling is instant and easy with cloud native solutions. Hosted solutions rely on external hosting providers to line up things for you, you lose time and impact CX.
  • Agents are the most valuable assets for contact centers. With hosted applications silo-ed premise applications are cobbled together for agents, which decrease their productivity and motivation. Also, the update cycles typically get longer and there is sufficient training times involved with those as well. With a cloud first approach to building applications, cloud native provides easy to use, integrated desktop with intuitive interface that provides easy onboarding, improved productivity and enhanced agent experience. All of this translate to enhanced CX.
  • Remote workforce strategy gets even more simpler with cloud native. Unlike hosted models, there is no need for dedicated set ups and connectivity requirements in a cloud native model. It is a simple plug and play for you or for your agents. As long as you have internet, you can start taking calls and doing everything you used to in an office environment.

Learn more about how cloud native drives enhanced CX and hear what analysts say about cloud native vs hosted model as it relates to Operations leaders. Stay tuned for part 4 of the blog series to see how the models benefit Finance stakeholders in your organization.