what is call center coaching form

Improve Performance & Maximize Productivity with Call Center Coaching Forms

Quality drives customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction drives customer loyalty. Ensure that your call center is maintaining the highest levels of quality by using effective call center coaching forms.

Whether your organization performs manual or automated quality assurance (QA), call center performance review templates are an integral component of an overall QA program. So, what exactly is a coaching form?

Call center coaching forms are documents used by contact center managers to evaluate performance of contact center agents in relation to call center goals, KPIs, compliance needs, and personal conduct items, such as punctuality and the ability to communicate effectively with team members.

Developing Call Center Coaching Forms

There are several components you’ll want to consider when developing coaching forms for your organization. For example, your call center coaching forms and the weighting of different sections should mirror your organization’s customer service goals and the metrics you track to achieve those goals. In addition, ensure that all requirements are met by involving staff from different areas and levels of the organization.

Regardless of these special considerations, there are certain components that all call center performance review templates should include, such as:

  • A section analyzing the opening and closing of the call
  • Space to define strengths and weaknesses associated with system knowledge, resolution skills, product knowledge, and familiarity with business processes
  • A section reviewing the overall communication skills of the agent
  • An area to identify applicable best practices and up-training opportunities
  • Feedback samples from Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Because these requirements overlap from industry to industry, many companies choose to base their call center coaching forms on a pre-existing or sample form. A quick Google search can bring up a variety of forms to help you get started. In addition, we recommend building digital forms to make it easier to customize, track, and save them over time.

Once a form is completed, review the results with the agent — either by scheduling time with the agent for a coaching session or by using a tool like inContact Workforce Optimization to share the evaluation with the agent. Follow up with the agent directly, or use our tracking tools to ensure that the agent has reviewed the content.

Why Use Call Center Coaching Forms

Ultimately, the end goal of any QA program should be to facilitate increased customer satisfaction. In addition, call center coaching forms can help improve agent productivity, ensure better transaction quality, and reduce enterprise risk.