Intelligent Marketing in a Hyper Regulated World

The following is part of our ongoing partner blog series featuring guest posts from inContact partners. 

inContact partnered with Gryphon Networks in 2013 to integrate Gryphon's real-time, Do-Not-Call compliance solutions for outbound sales-and-marketing organizations and call centers. This partnership provides the first integrated solution that offers comprehensive compliance with federal and state calling restrictions for inContact customers. 

Marketing privacy law is one of the fastest growing legal specializations today, with Do-Not-Contact regulations increasing in number and complexity each year. With all of the stringent rules surrounding digital and phone-based marketing campaigns, it is imperative that you adopt a compliance engine that ensures 100% warranted protection while maximizing your marketing reach.

Staying on top of these complex rule changes is serious business considering that fines can be $16,000 per violation on the federal level alone, not to mention the multitude of potential state-level fines and penalties. While it can be challenging at times, the intelligent marketer must understand the steps they need to take to grow their revenues and expand their prospecting reach within a highly regulated environment.

There are marketing compliance solutions available to simply remove bad numbers from calling lists, but  today’s marketer must adopt a system that takes a real-time approach and gets down to the most granular level possible. They need a system designed to block the records that should be suppressed while legally expanding your calling universe. With your corporate image on the line, you need a compliance partner that:

  1. Tailors their technology to your business needs and is backed by certified marketing compliance consultants

  3. Employs legal EBR exemptions to Do-Not-Contact lists as calls takes place, without any intervention on the customer’s part

  5. Identifies business numbers erroneously registered on federal and state lists

  7. Legally expires numbers and allows those numbers to be called

  9. Automatically removes numbers that have been disconnected and reassigned to new owners

  11. Takes a real-time approach to meet Call Curfew restrictions and ever-changing data requirements, especially landlines that have been ported to wireless devices

  13. Applies contact preferences to determine how best to engage customers and prospects


    Any organization that relies on list-scrubbing alone risks liability with every dial and may be over-suppressing legal records and missing opportunities. An enhanced, ever-updated list of marketable contacts not only improves an agent’s ability to effectively prospect and sell, but it uncovers better and more qualified leads that are likely unavailable to the competition.

    A solution with fully covered bases will manage all regulatory updates to federal, state, wireless, and industry specific Do-Not-Call lists according to government mandated updates. Call centers and sales teams alike can rest assured that the numbers they are dialing are OK to call. They simply place the call and the solution does the rest.

    Click here for more information on how to best to manage your calling operations while maintaining Do-Not-Call compliance.