International Expansion - How and Why We Did It

You may have heard the exciting news that inContact has recently expanded into Europe and Asia! As a North American-based provider of hosted contact center solutions with international customers, we knew we needed to expand our reach and footprint to be able to accommodate our US customers with foreign operations as well as help the many contact centers abroad improve their overall call quality.

The challenge came in trying to solve the problem that the industry has been trying to solve for 20 years now . . . . the elusive Follow the Sun Model. I knew we wanted to originate and terminate calls outside of North America, but we also knew we did not want to create country or continent silos with local application server farms serving a particular geography. We wanted to allow a common ‘brain’ to know about our customers’ clients, their agents, their skills, their preferences and then route calls and contacts according to industry standard methodologies using ITU best practices of keeping the call latency down below 300 milliseconds to ensure a carrier-grade call.

So we locked our smartest engineers in a room, threw in pizza and Rock Stars occasionally, and we arrived at our patent-pending International Voice Gateway concept where we separate the voice path from the call control and application data, creating a ‘best-of-both-worlds’ scenario that keeps latency to an absolute minimum without creating application silos.

This model allows inContact to scale rapidly at a low cost and serve a business unit that spans the globe, connecting any caller to any agent anywhere in the world based on predefined criteria such as skill, language, geography, campaign, etc., taking the Follow the Sun to more than just a time of day routing idea to the best agent for the right contact helping the customer in a way they choose. It's innovations like this that make me proud to be part of a team of people who ‘get it’ and value the customer experience over what’s easiest for us. Stay tuned for more exciting expansion updates as we traverse the globe helping customers solve problems with innovation served up in the cloud.