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It's All About Growth

On Wednesday, I hosted our 22nd inContact Problem Solved roadshow in Louisville, Kentucky. Aside from the discussions of Kentucky basketball, bourbon and horse racing, we had some terrific presentations from customers Ray Valentine from KM2 and Mike Miller from Corrisoft. While their businesses are radically different - Ray's company provides outsourced contact center services and Mike's company is in the correctional market - what was remarkably similar about them was... it's all about growth.

KM2 continues to add new customers, agents, campaigns and geographies in order to service their growing base of financial services, insurance and telecom customers. Corrisoft is doing some truly innovative stuff around services for correctional institutions and their populations. Both these organizations are laser focused on fast growth - and they look to the cloud to enable their expansion.  As Mike Miller so eloquently said, "I don't want to worry about building call centers... I just want to be able to communicate with my customers and grow my business."

It occurred to me that all our customer stories are about growth. In what still remains a challenging economic time, our customers have developed creative offerings, niche markets or compelling services that have allowed them to defy economic gravity and grow. The cloud removes the barriers that constrained many businesses in the premise world, letting them be enabled by what technology can do but not yolked to its management.

Visit our road show videos page and listen to some of our Cloud Stories and hear how companies like yours are thriving and innovating in their markets!