IVR: Three Part Series

Editor’s Note: As we wrap up 2010, we wanted to share some of our favorite blog posts from the past year. We’ll be back with new content on January 4.

This blog had the pleasure of a three-part series on IVR best practices by DMG Consulting's Donna Fluss earlier this year. If you missed the series, you can catch up on it now. (And if you already read it, it was good enough to read again!) The IVR is the first interaction many people have with a company, and so often, IVRs fail to deliver what the customer wants. Donna walked through the basics of delivering an IVR application, how to balance live-agent and IVR support, and finally, how to build and test a great IVR.

Part 1: The Art and Science of Developing Effective IVR Applications

Part 2: Finding the Balance between IVR and Live-Agent Support

Part 3: IVR is Not a Field of Dreams

Enjoy the series! And if you'd like to read more from Donna Fluss on this blog, please comment below with topics you'd enjoy.