Loyalty Helps in Hard Times

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal recently titled "Retailers' Holiday Hinges on Discounts".  With today's economy, maintaining sales volume often comes at the cost of steep discounts that eat into the bottom line of the retailer and even the manufacturer of the products they sell.  Unfortunately, this is unavoidable for many, but there are some that buck this trend.

While not likely to totally eliminate the need to discount, customer loyalty is a huge factor on a company's need to discount in tough times.  Look at Apple for example; how often have you noticed them discounting their products?  Very little to not at all during the recent downturn.  The reason: unfettered loyalty amongst their user base.  People are willing to spend full price on Apple products.  The reason for this is simple - great quality products and fantastic service.  

As a call center, you have the ability to make a huge impact on the loyalty of your customers through the interactions you have.  As a result of providing top notch service, you drive up loyalty, which in turn, impacts your company's bottom line.