Operational Agility in Times of Crisis

Managing Real-time Changes to Customer and Operational Needs

Access our webinar: Delivering True Operational Agility in Times of Crisis

In crisis and in calm, 211 LA County helps over 1.4 million people every year, and its 60 Community Resource Advisors respond to more than 500,000 contacts annually.  It also provides support to other 211 operations across the country in times of disaster.

In the webinar, Delivering True Operational Agility in Times of Crisis, 211 LA County COO Amy Latzer describes how critical agility and scalability are to the organization.  Anyone who watches the news knows what Amy and her team face in the way of natural disasters from forest fires to hurricanes and beyond.  During the Woolsey fire response and recovery periods, the 211 LA County team handled more than 7,000 calls and made 15,000 referrals. NICE incontact CXone analytics were critical in identifying fluctuating call volumes, which helped Amy determine how to staff in response to the crisis.

Meeting the needs of a community, in times of calm or crisis, requires a certain agility.  Regardless of your industry, you’ll walk away from this session with solid insights into how 211 LA County manages real-time changes to both customer and operational needs while keeping their community at the forefront.  And best of all, their learnings can be applied to contact centers across many industries from retail to healthcare to financial services and more.

Learn more in this informative webinar: Delivering True Operational Agility in Times of Crisis.