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Mattress Firm's Contact Center Rises and Shines - Improving QA Scores and Average Handle Time

As the leading specialty bedding retailer In the U.S., Mattress Firm has carved out a unique—and healthy—niche in the $29 billion bedding industry. The company offers a variety of mattresses and related products at competitive prices, and customers obviously approve: They’ve propelled Mattress Firm to over $3.8 billion in annual sales (2016).

But the Houston-based company was losing sleep over its two contact centers. It faced a range of issues that made it nearly impossible to provide the exceptional experience Mattress Firm customers were expecting when they needed product information or answers to questions. The on-premise system was completely outdated, not to mention difficult and costly to maintain. Important tasks like forecasting had to be done manually (and laboriously), and the agents themselves lacked structure and motivation.

But Mattress Firm could rest easy once it switched to NICE inContact CXone, the cloud-based, customer experience platform that supports workforce management, quality management and skills-based routing. By implementing several integrated CXone products—CXone Omnichannel Routing, CXone Workforce Management Enterprise, CXone Reporting and CXone Quality Management Enterprise—Mattress Firm has seen significant results. Operational efficiency has improved, quality assurance (QA) scores are soaring and agent adherence has risen steadily. The company has even developed special programs using QA scores to motivate agents and boost productivity.

With average handle time (AHT) down by 21%, adherence up by 31% and QA scores up from around 50% to 70%, the positive impact on customer satisfaction is unmistakable. No more tossing and turning for Mattress Firm, thanks to the NICE inContact partnership!