New Connectivity Blog

My name is Mike Perry, I am employed by inContact Inc. as their VP or Network Planning and Telecom Products. In a nutshell, I am in charge of Capacity Planning/Management for all production systems, networks and application platforms that make up inContact's core products including the Telecom Network, IP Network, inContact Clusters, Echo, WFM, and eLearning/eHiring.  In addition I oversee the circuit implementations groups and product management for Telecom products.

This blog will be focused on unique ways to connect a customer to the inContact platform, both on the inbound leg of the call as well as the termination leg, typically to a contact center agent. Choices are many here and will include Local Numbers, Toll Free, traditional TDM T-1/ PRI, as well as VoIP and SIP Trunks.  inContact offers many options to accommodate all customer needs from 'rip and replace' to overlay on existing equipment at the customer premise.

I am ok with this blog deviating into not only what is available at inContact, but what is being done in the world in terms of telephony technology, unified messaging which is becoming very hot right now and is all the rage in trade magazines etc. and just about anything else on anyone's mind regarding telephony be it traditional PSTN telephony or VoIP/SIP. Feel free to ask questions, make statements in the form of replies etc. and I'll reply back via the blog to open discussion.

Again, welcome.