NICE CXone Launches VaaS™ to Boost the Live Agent Advantage – Part 1

High quality voice is key to enabling better customer interactions. It can be extremely frustrating to have an interaction with an agent over a poor quality connection with garbled voice. IT executives, and managers responsible for ensuring voice quality and availability spend a lot of their time troubleshooting and investigating issues with voice quality and often struggle to pinpoint the problem. Using NICE CXone’s Voice as a Service™ (VaaS) offering they will be in a much better position to manage voice quality for their contact centers.

NICE CXone Voice as a Service™ – An optimized voice quality solution for contact centers. Built on NICE CXone’s carrier-grade, global network, it includes the most flexibility, connectivity options, and monitoring available from any contact center provider. With Voice as a Service™, NICE CXone is bringing the next level of control and visibility directly to the end user.

Additional NICE CXone VaaS details:

  • Carrier-grade, global, voice-optimized network
  • The most flexibility and connectivity options from any contact center provider
  • Published performance quality metrics
  • Personalized dashboard for each customer organization
  • Support teams enabled with detailed reporting & diagnostic tools
  • Voice quality SLAs
  • Quarterly 3rd party service audits

As our March 2015 research with Harris Poll showed, contact center agents are a critical lynchpin in the customer journey. Self-service and online options can only get the customer so far; at some point they will need to speak with a live agent. The study showed that 86% of U.S. adults ages 18 and older are very likely to switch to another company after a bad customer service experience. Furthermore, 81% prefer the assistance of a live representative via phone or online chat over self-service options when feeling dissatisfied with an order. These points highlight the importance of a company’s ability to recover from a negative customer experience in order to retain that customer. What has also been made clear is that a skilled customer service agent is the key part of this customer retention equation.

As the importance of live customer service agents increases, so does the importance of voice quality. High quality voice is imperative to enabling better customer interactions. We are excited to bring VaaS into the contact center marketplace and will offer customers the ability to login and track our voice quality scores.

Please read part two for more details on how we will deliver on the VaaS promise.