SaaS is Working...

In the state of the company speech at ICUC 09, inContact CEO Paul Jarman made the point that SaaS is working better than ever.  It is not a passing trend.  Here are some of the statistics Paul shared that cheer the praises of SaaS.

The Wall Street Journal said: "Today 10% of total software sales come from on-demand software. Expect that number to rise as penny-pinching CEOs finally realize that SaaS is good for the bottom line."  

Gartner said: " 2013, at least 75% of customer service centers will use a form of SaaS."  

IDC has stated that the SaaS market was a $5.7 billion market in 2007 and that it is projected to be a $14.8 billion market by 2011.

It is obviously growing and we are pleased to be part of the momentum and contributing to the great customer experiences that comes with a world-class SaaS organization like inContact.

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