Social Listening

I have a good friend who runs the social media monitoring for his company. Over the holidays there was an incident at one of his company’s locations that caused a huge stir and 1000+ tweets, Facebook posts, etc. by customers, their friends, and others. The company handled the customer’s issue, one they had never come across before, the best way they could at the time. After analyzing the 1000+ social posts, they found a mixed response from the customers; some agreeing with the company and others siding with the customer’s issue.

This company is still working to decipher if correct action was taken, but knowing what people said about the incident both pro and con, they will be able to set in place a procedure that will hopefully prevent another online frenzy with the same issue.

My friend is pleased that his company has the social media monitoring in place. Customer opinions are important to his organization. Do you know what your customers are staying about you on social media?