The Ferrari of Salesforce Integrations

At some point between the races in Silverstone and the Grand Prix in Budapest we heard the following comment from one of our customers currently implementing our inContact Agent for Salesforce:

I’m loving the new inContact. Feels like you just gave me the keys to the new Ferrari. (Technical Support Specialists with a leading 3D design, engineering and entertainment software company)

There’s no denying it - we feel very honored by this accolade. And, with the 66th season of the Formula One World Championship in full swing, it inspired us to take a moment to look into what Formula One, Ferrari and the inContact Agent for Salesforce may have in common. The Ferrari image really seems to work well with our Salesforce Agent. Here’s why:

  1. Speed
  2. Agility
  3. Technology
  4. Practice

First of all, there’s Speed. Obviously an essence of Formula One, and defining trait for Ferrari, but also of vital importance in the contact center. Here is some of what comes to our mind when we think of speed in conjunction with our inContact Agent for Salesforce.

First of all, enabling agents to automatically log on to inContact when they log into Salesforce, we help agents to get ready to handle contacts faster. Secondly, by displaying customer information synchronized with every contact, be it an inbound or outbound call, a chat, email, or a Salesforce case we certainly help to speed up contact handling. The integration with our industry first “no-pause” Personal Connection outbound dialer solution helps customers to get through their dialing lists faster - without sacrificing contact quality. We have also been told by customers that “fast” is an excellent description for the implementation of our integration – it installs within hours, not days or even weeks – and that’s no small feat for a CRM integration! And last, but not least, we have also been told that our intuitive controls, which allow handling all contact center channels in one consolidated interface, do help with getting new agents to handle contacts faster, and with less training required.

shutterstock_3008367Let’s talk about Agility. The fact that our inContact Agent for Salesforce supports a number of different contact center channels means that you can deploy just one for starters, or all, or ramp up as required by your business environment. Since inContact is a cloud-based solution, you get all the agility that is inherent to the cloud: Pay only for what you use. Scale up and down as required. Deploy agents anywhere (including home-based agents, of course). Easy to implement disaster recovery and redundancy solutions. inContact’s Agent for Salesforce is certainly more agile than many in particular premise-based contact center offerings.

What about Technology? The Formula One World Championship was established in 1950, and Scuderia Ferrari entered in this first season. It is the only team to have competed in every single season, from its inception to the current day. A lot has happened technologically since Formula One’s infancy. Just think about the recent introduction of the Virtual Safety Car (VSC), resulting in better security for both drivers and officials. While we cannot claim 65 years of research and development for our integration with, do keep in mind that inContact was only founded in 1997 and Salesforce in 1999… No, seriously: inContact has been integrating with for years. inContact is an AppExchange Partner. And CRM integration in general, as well as our integration with in particular, are at the core of our company vision, and continue to be a focus area for inContact. We have dedicated resources to further our partnership with Salesforce, both on the technological, as well as on the business level. Come visit us at the next Dreamforce…

And lastly, Practice. We all know the saying: Practice makes perfect. There’s a reason for the three practice rounds AND a qualifying race prior to the actual Grand Prix in Formula One. Our inContact Agent for Salesforce has proven its value in many a customer installation. Our release process entails extensive testing, as well as beta customer deployments to ensure what you find to install on AppExchange has been used in practice, and been out thru its paces. And the number of customers using the inContact Agent for Salesforce for their Sales or Service cloud installation, as well as the size of deployments is on the rise. Don’t just take our word for the fact that our integration “pays off” – take a quick look at how our customer Workfront was able to increase lead conversion from 50 to 80 percent, and increase lead volume by 30 percent using our Salesforce integration. Or zip over to YouTube for a quick look at the video interview with Dan Bergstrom, Director Demand Conversion at Workfront.

Or even better yet: visit AppExchange today and try it for yourself!