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your guide to nlp and nlu in the contact center

Your guide to NLP and NLU in the contact center

Artificial intelligence is transforming business models and the way many of us live our lives. Businesses use AI for everything from identifying fraudulent insurance claims to improving customer service to predicting the best schedule for preventive maintenance of factory machines. And if you use a Nest thermostat, unlock your phone with facial recognition, or have ever said, "Alexa, turn off the lights," you're using artificial intelligence in your everyday life.
working in perfect harmony ai and the contact center

Working in perfect harmony: AI and the contact center

To learn about all 10 reasons for using AI in the contact center, be sure to check out the replay of the 10 Ways AI Can Improve the Contact Center Experience webinar, which is available now OnDemand. In that webinar, Laura Bassett and I talk about 10 outcomes of using AI in the contact center. You’ll hear lots of great insights, and you’ll get some additional resources to help get your contact center started with AI.
do bots speak emoji you bet they do

Do bots speak emoji? You bet they do!

Customer sentiment analysis is one of many AI-powered solutions that's transforming the way contact centers operate. Download Solving for the Human Side of AI in the Contact Center to find out how best-in-class contact centers are leveraging artificial intelligence to produce meaningful business results.
best examples of chatbots and what makes them great

Best examples of chatbots and what makes them great

If you're new to chatbots, it can be difficult to envision where a bot makes sense in your organization's customer journey. Looking at how other companies have deployed and are successfully using bots will be both helpful and can inspire you to move forward with your own solution. This article will provide real-life examples of effective chatbots plus tips for identifying and implementing the best chatbot for your contact center.
Security and Ethics of Contact Center AI When is AI Creepy

Security and Ethics of Contact Center AI: When is AI Creepy?

AI can yield significant benefits when it's used properly and ethically. Applying AI in the contact center can improve accuracy, efficiency, and the customer experience. If your organization doesn't use AI yet, it's probably just a matter of time. Be sure to consider ethics and data security beginning Day 1 of your project. Designing your solution right and putting good standards and governance in place will help ensure your solution isn’t creepy.