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City Furniture Optimizes Schedules and Onboards New Hires

Workforce Manager: Optimizing Schedules and Onboarding New Hires

Onboarding a new employee is a rite of passage. We all go through it several times throughout our career. Personally, I’ve experienced pretty much every onboarding experience across the spectrum. From, “here’s your desk, good luck,” to a very thorough multi-day training. There’s a balance of course, onboarding from the point of view of the new hire is incredibly overwhelming. You’re dropped into a foreign environment and tasked with learning people, process, systems and culture as fast as humanly possible. From the point of view of your organization, there is an incredible opportunity when you’re onboarding a new employee. It’s a time when they are not yet incumbered by the day to day operation of your team.
Work Life Balance in the Contact Center

Work Life Balance in the Contact Center

Digital transformation and the gig economy have made remote work common across the globe—the contact center industry was no different! In fact, due to the huge array of digital interaction channels, virtual assistants, and more, the contact center field is even better positioned for remote work.
speech analytics

Why Does Your Contact Center Need Speech Analytics?

There is a lot of information out there about speech analytics and how it can benefit contact centers, but what is it exactly and what value does it bring to the customer experience? In simple terms, speech analytics provides one view into the voice of the customer. It lets you “listen” to EVERY call – and analyze EVERY call. Sounds better than having to take a sampling and hoping you get the right ones to give you a full perspective, right? Now you no longer need to rely on managers to manually evaluate calls to identify performance improvement opportunities. And you get near real time insights from customers that gives you an understanding of how you can improve specific interactions.
workforce optimization

Contact Center 101: What is Workforce Optimization?

Optimization is one of those buzzy words that gets thrown around a lot in the contact center industry. According to the all-knowing Merriam-Webster, optimization is the “act, process, or methodology of making something as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible.” So to state the obvious – workforce optimization from a software perspective are those solutions that directly improve and upscale the productivity, efficiency and quality output of your agents.

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