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delivering consistently exceptional customer experience CX can be a competitive advantage

Want to Maintain Your Competitive Advantage? Make Sure You’re Using the Best Contact Center Software

The Kansas City Chiefs, who won the Super Bowl in 2020, had to come back from double digit deficits in two other post-season games leading up to their Super Bowl victory. You might say coming from behind is a competitive advantage for them. In the business world, success often depends on having a competitive advantage over your rivals. Maybe your business is successful because you have the most innovative products and services, or perhaps your competitive advantage comes from low operational costs.
ECSI and CXone

With CXone Technology, ECSI ‘Acts Like the Big Guys’

The story of student loan servicer ECSI is a story of partnership and the sense of a higher mission, one of providing support to colleges and universities and of helping young people and their families navigate financial issues they may be encountering for the first time. It’s a story of building relationships and providing services in meaningful ways to constituents who need them. Above all, ECSI’s story is one of a small business able to perform like a much larger one—all while continuing to grow and provide exceptional experiences with every interaction.
Can Workforce Engagement Turn Your Problem Agent into a Model Agent

Can Workforce Engagement Turn Your Problem Agent into a Model Agent?

There’s always at least one in every contact center. The agent that tests your patience, triggers an eye-twitch, elicits some curse words (in your head, of course) and makes your job as a contact center manager much more challenging at times. But the reality is, these agents aren’t waking up in the morning with the goal of making your life more difficult! Nor did they accept the job with the goal of failing – which means there is still hope for them!
Enabling an Agile Workforce for Organisational Success

Enabling an Agile Workforce for Organizational Success

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly put a strain on the workforce, and many organizations are reviewing their current strategies to ensure business continuity as the crisis continues. To successfully navigate the pandemic and achieve positive business outcomes, companies need to take strategic and meaningful steps towards building a more flexible working environment that enables agile and remote working practices.