Transactional IVR Survey Delivery Best Practices

The IVR is a common form of administering transaction-based customer satisfaction surveys in the call center.  It involves delivering the survey to the participating customer automatically using pre-recorded question/answer prompts and capturing the customer's response using DTMF tones.  There are also several ways in which a survey is delivered to a customer using the IVR.  The most common include:

  • Post Call Agent Transfer
  • Post Call Automated Transfer
  • Post Call Customer Callback

Of these common options, we prefer the latter method, "post call customer callback".  In this instance, the customer is prompted during the inbound call if they would be willing to take a post call survey, prior to speaking with an agent.  With this approach, the customer agrees to a survey before they are influenced by their agent experience, creating a more well-rounded collection of participants.  After the agent call is completed, the system initiates an immediate return call to the customer to administer the survey.  By doing so, the responsibility to administer the survey is removed from the agent's hands, eliminating the possibility of influencing the pool of survey participants to include only positive experiences.

This approach eliminates the technical hurdles and potential issues with agent manipulation of the results that exist with the other two approaches.