contact center resolutions

Unlike Many New Year’s Resolutions Some Improvements ARE Around to Stay!

Wow, we are halfway through February already… Have you or your organization started the New Year with a resolve to finally get started on that Contact Center development project that has been on the back-burner for far too long? And… have you actually gotten started on it?

If you have, you are probably already well aware of all the new functionality released for inContact’s APIs and SDKs, and the features that were introduced in our Developer’s Portal over the last few months.

If not, here’s a quick glance at the highlights:

  • Over 50 new or improved APIs with the 14.2 release, including support for email and voicemail channels
  • For those already using the Developer Portal, release v4.0 has recently been rolled out and all new or updated APIs are clearly marked in the Portal
  • New APIs for Federated Enterprise Presence allow extending the Contact Center to enterprise users by enabling you to store external presence information in the inContact cloud

Functionality in our Developer Portal has also been moving forward in leaps and bounds. Some of the improvements include:

  • Sample code in each API and SDK with new “Jump Start” code samples providing the complete code needed for an API request (in JS, C#, Ruby, PHP and Java)
  • Shared sign-on between Developer Portal and Developer Forum
  • New and improved documentation around our Implicit Tokens
  • Direct download of SDK packages, giving you quick access to development kits for Mobile iOS and Mobile Android SDKs, Agent HTML5 SDK and Workitem SDK

Our goal is to make your life easier when you start fulfilling your New Year’s resolutions – at least where programming for your inContact solution is concerned... But don’t just take our word for it. Customers that have used our interfaces express it even better! Says Chris Davidson, CTO of Full Measure Education: “The inContact HTML5 Agent Application SDK was very useful and saved us months by allowing us to get up and running on our project immediately”.

So, while we all know the fate that many New Year’s resolutions suffer from, we really think that your development project should not be one of them. inContact is here to help you succeed, with fully tested, up-to-date interfaces, a vibrant developer community and extensive documentation and support – all at no cost to inContact customers. Check out the Developer’s Portal today!