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SAP Goes on Offensive with SaaS

SAP is a skeptic. "SaaS offerings don't measure up in weaving together complex business processes that have to be managed and analyzed in real time, and SaaS vendors will have a tough time living up to customer's expectations. You're now seeing software as a service pure plays being driven into complex conversations that they're lousy at." They...

New Connectivity Blog

My name is Mike Perry, I am employed by inContact Inc. as their VP or Network Planning and Telecom Products. In a nutshell, I am in charge of Capacity Planning/Management for all production systems, networks and application platforms that make up inContact's core products including the Telecom Network, IP Network, inContact Clusters, Echo, WFM, and eLearning/eHiring....

What is Cloud Computing

Over the past few weeks I have been asked to provide some commentary on what cloud computing is and how SaaS plays a role in cloud computing. Well, let me take a few minutes and offer some thoughts on this topic For a definition, lets start here: Cloud computing is the combination of hardware and network infrastructure...

Blast from the Past: Remember caller controlled disconnect

Note from the editor: I’m always enthralled by the pace of technology. This blog entry is a gem from 2009, and it addresses issues that were frequently encountered with land lines. In 2013, Pew Research reported that over 90% of adults now use cell phones, which makes the problems addressed in this blog completely moot. It’s worth...

What do I Ask When Evaluating SaaS

Deploying a SaaS application is new for many companies and there are lots of people willing to offer advice on how to evaluate and select the right SaaS solution. Alistair Croll offered a good set of questions to ask when evaluating SaaS. I like his advice because it offers a good holistic view of SaaS and...

Debunking SaaS Myths

Gartner VP Robert P. Desisto has recently publish research entitled, "Fact Checking: The Five Most-Common SaaS Assumptions" to help people understand more about Software as a Service and debunk potential myths. Of course, I couldn't let this one go without commenting on it. So here it goes: Assumption 1: SaaS is less expensive than on-premise...

VPN Applications and inContact

Data security is on everyone's minds these days and at inContact, we are keenly aware of the need to protect your data. As you use various applications such as Webmanager you may notice the 'https' that precedes the URL. That 's' means that the data connection to Webmanager is encrypted, or encoded in such...

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