Active VoIP Recording for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM)


NICE provides VoIP-based recording solutions for contact centers and enterprises, as well as for trading floors and the back offices of financial institutions. NICE VoIP recording solutions support active recording with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

NICE active VoIP recording enables the delivery of centralized recording capabilities in distributed environments. All NICE Perform servers are consolidated in the data center, where all calls that take place in the organization’s branches and other remote locations are recorded. By reducing the need for costly branch set-up, administration, and management of recording servers, NICE helps to flatten the organization and enables simple yet efficient handling of remote employees. This IT-friendly technology makes active VoIP recording the ideal solution even for single site operations. NICE’s solution for IP-phone based active recording for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) is another component of NICE’s extensive portfolio of active recording integrations.


NICE IEX WFM Integrated

NICE IEX WFM Integrated is a proven, industry-leading enterprise grade solution to tackle your most challenging and complex contact center staffing and employee engagement challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI) powers the industry’s most accurate omnichannel forecasting engine, and machine learning simulation modeling ensures a smarter, more precise schedule every time...


NICE Quality Management Cloud Integrated with CXone (PDF)

In today’s challenging business environment, contact centers must continuously demonstrate how they are contributing to business results. To achieve these goals they need to improve operational efficiency, respond quickly to customer issues, and maintain a highly trained and professional staff. Central to all these issues is agent performance. Contact centers worldwide implement quality programs seeking to inspire their agents to peak performance. This goal is very difficult to achieve through traditional, random quality management. With Supervisors and QM teams sampling random agent interactions, business insights and performance gains are accomplished by pure chance.

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Contact Center Virtualization | Call Center Software

The average enterprise application server is inefficient and costly to operate. Because most enterprise software vendors strongly recommend that a server should run a single program, the typical enterprise application server operates at just 10 percent of its overall computing capacity. For companies looking to maximize the return on their IT investment, virtual machines provide a greener, more efficient, and more cost-effective solution than conventional data center hardware. Implemented correctly, with capable and knowledgeable partners, virtualization can create cost advantages in the contact center without sacrificing mission-critical availability. That’s why virtualization investments are at the top of the priority list for so many enterprise CIOs.