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Customer Stories

NICE inContact CXone Helps Alphanumeric Systems Capture Global Markets


Four hundred remote agents, providing customer service from all over the globe, are a key ingredient in Alphanumeric’s recipe for success. Driving this strategy is NICE inContact’s CXone cloud-based, integrated customer experience platform and products, which has enabled Alphanumeric to expand and compete on the global stage. With NICE inContact’s uptime guarantee of 99%, agents are always connected. Contact centers are humming. And customers are happy: Alphanumeric’s customer satisfaction is over 98%.

Customer Stories

Giving NextGear room to grow

Discover how CXone helped NextGear Capital to become an industry leader with better customer service and increased efficiency.


Empowering Contact Center Agents in Customer Experience (Webinar)

Are your agents empowered to deliver outstanding service, or are they forced to navigate disjointed tools, and bound by policies or KPIs that ultimately result in frustrated customers? Agent empowerment is a critical component of the effortless customer experience, yet according to ICMI research, 74% of contact centers admit they prevent their agents from providing the best service possible. How can we change this? Join us for an eye-opening discussion that will arm you with practical advice you can use to make positive changes in your contact center.  


Delivering Enhanced Call Center CX (Webinar)

We are entering an experience economy where companies are competing and differentiating through enhanced customer experiences. This provides an opportunity for your contact center to take on a larger role—a role to not just service the customers in your channel of choice but to deliver exceptional experience across the entire customer journey. While it’s exciting to take on this initiative of delivering enhanced experience, it can be challenging to balance that effort with key metrics around reduced cost and improved efficiencies.