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Global lndustrial Boosts Customer Satisfaction and Employee Experience with NICE CXone (Case Study)


Despite selling thousands of industrial equipment and supplies to businesses throughout North America, Global Industrial found it wasn’t necessarily delivering when it came to customer service and satisfaction, thanks to an outdated on-premise contact center system. But moving to NICE and its CXone cloud customer experience platform changed all that. Now armed with key insights and metrics from CXone analytics and reporting, Global Industrial has raised the bar on its customer experience. With efficiency up and key call measures down, customers are responding with increased satisfaction.

Customer Stories

CXone Increases Efficiency for SumTotal (PDF)

SumTotal Systems is currently #2—and growing—in the learning management space, providing content, training, professional certification, compliance and more to industries as diverse as universities and pharmaceuticals. Having a contact center that provides efficient, reliable service in every interaction is critical: Administrators and end-users alike depend on SumTotal every day to provide the support they need. With an aging, on-premise system, this wasn’t always the case. But it all started to turn around in 2011, when SumTotal began working with NICE CXone and integrating CXone products into its operation. Now the sky’s the limit for SumTotal’s customer support, including a new mobile app on the horizon.


Voice of the Customer Programs (Webinar) | Call Center Software

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are critical for helping businesses gauge their level of success or failure, enabling them to make adjustments and improve customer experiences (CX). And according to a recent study by the Gartner Group, nearly 90 percent of companies believe that CX will be the primary criteria on which they're judged in the marketplace. VoC programs can be used to improve service, satisfaction, and loyalty and drive high CX scores.  

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How to deliver gold standard customer service

Discover best practices for implementing a cloud-based contact center solution that can transform frustrated constituents into satisfied customers.