The Rise of Human Agents: AI-Powered Customer Service Automation

VIEW Jun 19, 2019
Forbes - We are at a tipping point in customer service as more companies are turning to AI in the form of robotic process automation, chatbots, and other technologies to scale efficiently and provide an exceptional service experience. However, incorporating more automation into a company’s customer service operations must be handled carefully. More isn’t always better, especially if it compromises the overall customer experience

NICE InContact Omnichannel Routing Review

VIEW Jun 19, 2019
UC Today — The modern contact centre is facing a serious increase in pressure. Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. They want not only the highest quality of service, but they also expect to be able to ask questions and get quick responses on any digital channel they choose. To deliver the rich experiences that their custoners are looking for, brands need to do more than simply make sure they’re active on multiple channels.

Reality Gap in Views of Service

VIEW Jun 2, 2019
Customer Experience Insight ​— Think you have great service? Customers probably think differently about that … and some other things. There’s a disconnect between what contact center leaders think of the experience they provide and what customers think of the experience they get, according to the 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation. ​Big findings to note: Customers are happier with service on the phone than companies think they are. But customers aren’t as happy with self-service options as companies think they are.

Making AI Work in the Contact Center

VIEW Jun 2, 2019
Contact Center Pipeline ​— ​When deployed to address targeted opportunities, AI adds significant value to CX outcomes and operational performance. ​PwC estimates that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, and every industry, including contact centers, is rushing to adopt their own AI strategy. However, the annual NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark report found that 79% of consumers said that chatbots and virtual assistants need to get smarter before they are willing to use them regularly.

Getting Chatty with Chatbots

VIEW May 27, 2019
E-Commerce Times ​— Chatbots have become an important part of the e-commerce shopping experience. They answer questions, provide information, and help customers along in their buying journey. Though they may never replace human beings entirely, they are central to many e-commerce-related interactions. Ultimately, the best chatbots are those that produce the most positive outcomes from their interactions with customers.

Three Ways Small Contact Centers Excel at CX

VIEW May 23, 2019
CustomerThink — Today, consumer expectations are only ratcheting up, and brands of all sizes are challenged to meet them. These CX expectations are typically set by organizations who have the resources to create consistently seamless and exceptional customer interactions. Smaller contact centers, who often serve as the first line of defense in any CX strategy, are challenged to replicate these experiences, often with significantly smaller budgets and staff.

Survey Says: Businesses Don’t Always Know How Effective Their CX Is

VIEW May 23, 2019
CRMXchange — The 2019 NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark polled contact center leaders in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. “The latest release gives us the results of the businesses, about 900 companies all told," said Laura Bassett, senior director of product marketing at NICE inContact. "One of the things we find most interesting is that businesses believe they provide a higher level of service across every channel than consumers do; they are 15% more likely than consumers to say that they make it easier for consumers to get their issues resolved in their preferred channels.”

AI for Speech, Other Uses Primary Message from NICE Interactions

VIEW Apr 23, 2019
Speech Technology Magazine ​— ​Delivering and leveraging artificial intelligence throughout the contact center, including several AI-enabled speech capabilities was the theme of the NICE Interactions 2019 Conference, which drew an estimated 3,000 attendees. On the first day of the conference, NICE announced the spring release of the NICE inContact CXOne contact center suite, which provides end-to-end artificial intelligence capabilities.

NICE inContact Interactions 2019 in Review

VIEW Apr 23, 2019
Security Boulevard ​— ​PCI Pal was thrilled to be part of the 3,000+ individuals taking part in NICE inContact Interactions this past week in Las Vegas, NV. As a partner and silver sponsor of the event, we had a front row seat to the sessions, interactions, and conversations taking place. The theme of “Personal. Connections. Elevated.” was at the forefront of these discussions.

NICE Interactions: Personal Connections Elevated

VIEW Apr 18, 2019
No Jitter ​— ​My title here mirrors the theme of NICE’s annual Interactions event for customers, partners, and analysts, held this week in Las Vegas, Nev. This year’s Interactions event was the biggest ever, with more than 3,000 attendees — 42% larger than 2018’s estimate of 2,100. When I reflect on what I saw and heard, this is how each of those words were brought to life at the event for me.

NICE Interactions — Personal Connections Elevated

VIEW Apr 18, 2019
BCStrategies — NICE held its annual user conference, Interactions, in Las Vegas, with a day set aside for analysts to delve into the company’s products and services. The company has a broad customer experience portfolio, including a cloud-based contact center platform, as well as analytics, workforce optimization (WFO), automation and AI.

AI Drives Contact Center Efficiency, NICE Stresses at Its Interactions Conference

VIEW Apr 16, 2019
SMART Customer Service — While contact centers handle billions of transactions annually and increasingly use automation and artificial intelligence to aid efficiency, they can still go further in their use of machine learning and related technologies to further improve the customer experience, speakers said at the NICE Interactions 2019 Conference.

How Digitalisation will Impact the Contact Centre Market

VIEW Mar 28, 2019
UC Today - ​As digital channels continue to penetrate the contact centre industry and enhance customer experience, I reached out to Chris Bauserman, VP, Segment and Product Marketing NICE inContact, to get this thought on how digitalisation was impacting the industry so heavily dominated by voice in previous years.

5 Ways to Improve the Contact Center

VIEW Mar 17, 2019
Contact Center World - Too often, efforts to improve contact center performance are based business goals like increasing labor efficiency, or lower operating cost. But contact centers are not built to serve managers, they are built to serve customers. We surveyed over 2000 consumers in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Here are some of the things we learned.

It’s Time to Rethink Your Approach to Supporting Customer Service Agents

VIEW Mar 4, 2019
Contact Center Pipeline - Building powerful and engaging customer experiences through the contact center requires several important ingredients—just-in-time and in-context analytics, artificial intelligence for self-service and after-contact work, seamless omnichannel options for customers, and fair, accurate scheduling. But one of the most critical components are the contact center agents themselves. Representatives live on the front lines and they are the personification of your brand—helping customers solve problems and identifying upsell opportunities.

Unravel CX Complexity, Starting with the Contact Center

VIEW Feb 28, 2019
Contact Center World - As we continue to see, customer experience (CX) has moved ahead of product and price as the leading brand differentiator. True customer delight is shown to not just improve brand loyalty, but also increase customer lifetime value. Research from Forrester measures the CX Index scores and its impact on revenue, and when it comes to CX, a little can mean a lot. Just a 1-point improvement in a CX Index score can lead to an incremental $244 million in revenue for certain industries.

The Pros and Cons of Contact Center Outsourcing

VIEW Jan 31, 2019
Contact Center World - ​Twenty years ago began a shift to contact center outsourcing to offshore locations, especially the Philippines and India, and away from the local market where customers on the other end of the phone were located. Brands had a very clear business case to cut contact center labor costs by outsourcing to lower-cost offshore locations.

How to Build A Modern Contact Center

VIEW Jan 28, 2019
Contact Center World - ​The evolution of every contact center is different. Medium sized organizations, in particular, are diverse, each with their own unique set of needs, opportunities and challenges. But once a contact center has committed to evaluating what’s needed to take the next step, how can you turn that intention into action?

3 Ways Agents Can Add the Human Touch to Digital Experiences

VIEW Jan 15, 2019
ICMI - ​The shift from traditional call centers to modern omnichannel contact centers can feel as different for both agents and customers as the shift from in-store retail to e-commerce. The virtual ‘cockpit’ of the modern agent now includes automation and artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, intelligent omnichannel solutions, and a bevy of digital channels – all becoming standard-issue for supporting exceptional agent-customer interactions. In fact, according to the latest findings of the NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark Study , digital channel usage is up significantly. And among U.S.-based consumers, the use of email doubled and online chat tripled between 2017, and 2018.

Delivering an Excellent Omni-channel Experience

VIEW Jan 10, 2019
UC Today - ​Excellent interactions—consistently and across all touchpoints–are the foundation of an effective customer experience that will build long-lasting customer relationships. Without the availability of adequate channels and processes to enable good quality engagement, all other aspects of the customer journey could be unwittingly blunted.

What to Ask When Modernizing Your Contact Center

VIEW Jan 2, 2019
Contact Center World - ​For operations leaders at medium sized organizations, contact center modernization has become a significant priority. As contact center technology has become more advanced and comprehensive, organizations who have not kept up are approaching functional obsolescence. Delaying modernization can have a direct, negative impact on your business. Maybe with rising call volumes you’re seeing a disproportionate increase in operating costs. Maybe it seems more difficult to retain customers. Perhaps outbound sales efficiency has stalled. All of these could be tell-tale signs that your contact center is due for an upgrade.