If you’re evaluating new contact center technology, make sure you ask the tough questions. Go beyond SLA’s for uptime and ask about pre-built integrations to your existing systems. Question ‘we implement and then we are done’ mentality. Push hard on their experience.


And make sure your cloud partner has the technology and innovation you need to address emerging channels, optimizing your workforce and providing a great customer experience. All automatically delivered to you in quarterly software updates.


Questions to Ask Your Provider


  • How many call center deployments?
  • What is your service level agreement?
  • Is your solution fully redundant to minimize downtime?
  • How proven is your software?
  • What’s your approach to security?
  • Will I need to maintain hardware on my premises?
  • How many agents use your platform?
  • How many customers are willing to publically endorse you?
  • Do you have the “seal of approval” from other industry leaders?
  • What can you help me learn about the industry?
  • What is your integration and partner strategy?
  • Who provides service and support – is it outsourced to a partner?
  • Can I make changes at the speed of my business?


"We’ve joined forces with inContact, after an extensive review of the players in the market, to build on our successful track record of developing and delivering innovative customer care solutions."