CXone Automation
& Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Streamline service delivery
CXone Automation and Artificial Intelligence is leading-edge, intuitive technology that eliminates mundane tasks and speeds resolutions of customer issues for better business outcomes. With intelligent self-service, agent-assisted and fully-automated alerts and actions, CXone Automation and Artificial Intelligence frees your contact center from the busy work that inhibits innovation
NICE inContact CXone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) Self-Service Bots and IVR
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the promise to deliver the seamless experience that your customers now expect. This short video highlights how advances in AI and automation are powering customer self-service to new levels with conversational AI-powered chat bots and IVR that deliver a seamless, highly personalized and vastly superior customer experience from end to end.
Provide intelligent self-service

Empower customers to resolve issues quickly


Move seamlessly between self-service and live agent support


Offer the right information at right time


Extend your workforce with intelligent bots & virtual agents

Reduce the need for manual intervention

Connect every service-impacting dot


Create automatic alerts and actions based on real-time information


Adapt quickly to changing conditions in your contact center


Improve first call resolution with single-touch interactions

Analytics customer interaction
Give your agents the freedom to do their best work

Reserve your agents for issues requiring a human touch


Answer repetitive questions automatically


Focus on customer service - not on low-level tasks


Reduce handle time and after call work

Workforce optimization
Our patented technology allows you to
  • Quickly resolve common customer issues to improve first call resolution
  • Create automatic alerts and actions
  • Free your employees from mundane tasks