Finally, AI that understands people.
Satisfaction in the moment

Boost customer satisfaction in real-time: Advise agents on behaviors to improve empathy and build rapport.
Guide agents on critical behaviors
Leverage the industry’s only AI framework with pre-trained agent behavioral models to score every call.
A trusted advisor on every call
Empower contact center agents to be their best on every call with immediate feedback that’s accurate and unbiased.

Guide agents on behaviors in real-time.

Contact center agents typically receive feedback on their performance after an interaction has already happened. CXone Real-Time Interaction Guidance uses NICE Enlighten AI to advise agents at point-of-service on critical behaviors scientifically proven to boost customer satisfaction.

Elevate performance of hard-to-train soft-skills using Enlighten, the first comprehensive AI framework for customer engagement with out-of-the-box behavioral models pre-trained on billions of real-life consumer interactions.
Introducing the AI “whisper”.
It’s like having a whisper-coaching angel on your shoulder. Drive CX excellence consistently by evolving how you coach contact center agents—in real-time, on every call.
real time interaction guidance enlighten ai behaviors
"Sentiment and Agent Behavior metrics have made calibration sessions completely unnecessary. Now, we are focused exclusively on developing our coaches and coaching our agents, rather than arguing about the data.”
Customer Experience Manager
Dial AI for satisfaction.
Influencing CSAT with proven behaviors.
Boost CX, one contact at a time
Keep customers engaged and happy by guiding agents on key elements of the conversation to improve the experience.
Power satisfaction soft skills
Remind agents to build rapport and encourage active listening based on AI models that understand customer cues (no matter the industry).
Unbiased guidance, just in time
Immediate feedback with integrated, easy-to-understand prompts and specific recommendations to steer the conversation while it’s happening.
AI for the human side of service
Billions of real-life experiences drive real-time results with the first comprehensive AI framework and pretrained behavioral models.
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Solve for the human side of AI in your contact center

AI technology allows your contact center to handle more calls with fewer resources, freeing up your agents to address customer issues that only a human can solve.