Contact Center Automation: NICE inContact Workforce Intelligence

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Easily automate intraday operational adjustments across the contact center

NICE inContact Workforce Intelligence is a fully-integrated contact center operations engine that turbo charges supervisor productivity by triggering routing or workforce changes to achieve service levels, freeing supervisors from mundane tasks and allowing them to prioritize coaching and agent training. Workforce Intelligence incorporates knowledge of performance and scheduling into current operational status, creates responsive, sophisticated alerts and actions without the need for manual intervention or monitoring. By providing a complete view across CXone ACD and WFO applications, Workforce Intelligence initiates resolutions to unforeseen challenges, creating the best possible customer experience.
Adapt to changing conditions in your contact center
Empower customers to find answers with self-service and agent-assisted options
Maximize supervisor efficiency with automatic alerts and actions
Connect core contact center metrics to workforce optimization data and processes
Identify new opportunities to improve processes and operational efficiencies
A fully-integrated contact center operations engine
Resolve performance issues faster
Gather the right data from your ACD and WFO applications, & respond in real-time to changing conditions by quickly adjusting campaigns & activities.
  • Uncover and fix broken processes: View the complete contact center picture to identify redundancies and unnecessary processes
  • Reduce handle time and improve first call resolution
  • Reduce abandoned interactions and missed opportunities
Maximize supervisor productivity
Automatically adjust to changing conditions based on real-time information from the complete contact center view.
  • Automatically apply proven processes for a clear trail of incremental improvement and opportunities to impact future outcomes
  • Remove the need for manual stop-gap solutions that are hard to replicate and hard to measure
  • Keep your supervisors’ attention where it needs to be—on agent performance
Connect information to action
Built on an Open Cloud Foundation & backed by the power of CXone, Workforce Intelligence connects your contact center to your workforce—on the same platform in the same cloud.
  • Free IT resources from the battle of multi-system management and administration
  • Make scheduling decisions based on real-time information, assigning the right agents to the right tasks
  • Identify new opportunities to improve processes and operational efficiencies
What is Call Center Software?
Call Center Software is a suite of tools that enable organizations to handle customer issues from any channel, improve the performance of their agents, analyze data, and achieve their customer experience goals. Most modern software platforms include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management and optimization, a dialer for outbound communications, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, multichannel queues to handle different kinds of customer communications, and reporting.