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CXone Performance Analytics for Salesforce Einstein
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Pinpoint specific recommendations to improve your contact center performance

CXone Performance Analytics for Salesforce Einstein is an AI-powered analytics application that pinpoints specific recommendations to improve contact center performance. In just a few clicks, get precise insights to boost first contact resolution, agent efficiency and sales productivity—no coding or data specialists required. Predictions assess benefits and risks, allowing you to implement changes with confidence. Automatic linking of your CXone contact center interaction data to your Salesforce CRM creates a fully blended view of your data so AI-powered analytics can dig deep to reveal new insights. Plus, this high-value contact center analytics application is FedRAMP authorized and PCI compliant.
Improve contact center KPIs with new AI-powered insights
Quickly access specific, easy-to-understand insights
Eliminate the need for coding and data experts
Assess the impact of changes with data-driven predictions
Automatically link CXone and Salesforce data for 360° analysis
Simple, AI-powered KPI insights
Discover what’s really impacting your contact center performance with easy-to-understand AI-powered analytics that pinpoint exactly where your issues are and what you can do to fix them.
  • Improve your contact center and business performance by surfacing new insights from a 360° analysis of your blended CXone omnichannel interaction and Salesforce data.
  • Quickly understand how to boost FCR, agent efficiency, sales productivity and more with straightforward, data-driven recommendations.
  • Continuously monitor key business metrics in interactive, easy-to-read dashboards that you can drill into for more detailed insights.
Higher confidence, less guesswork
Use data-driven recommendations and predictions to ensure any changes you make will lead to better results.
  • Discover exactly where and how to improve your contact center KPIs with targeted recommendations.
  • Assess the impact of changes before you implement them using data-backed predictions.
  • Ensure positive outcomes using detailed data-driven insights.
Advanced analysis, minimal effort
Access AI-driven insights in just a few clicks, while saving time and effort with automated data linking and analysis.
  • Eliminate human effort and error by automatically linking your CXone omnichannel interaction and Salesforce data.
  • Access easy-to-use AI-based insights and recommendations with out-of-the-box analytics — eliminating the need for coding and data specialists.
  • Simplify your purchasing process with a bundled-in Salesforce Einstein Analytics Plus License.
Agility and adaptability
Customize your contact center insights, plus meet your specific configuration and compliance requirements.
  • Create your own analytics insights and manage data synchronizations.
  • Meet government and regulatory requirements with this FedRAMP authorized and PCI compliant application.
  • Both custom CXone/Salesforce integrations and CXone Agent for Salesforce are supported.