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My Agent eXperience (MAX)
Digital-First Contact Center Agent Interface

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A digital-first agent interface that streamlines interaction handling

My Agent eXperience - MAX is a digital-first, omnichannel agent interface designed for the streamlined handling of contact center interactions, regardless of channel. With MAX, your agents will be ready to tackle their roughest days and most complex customer interactions with ease.
Digital interactions with native experiences in each of 30+ messaging channels, such as rich media, emojis, and other collaboration tools
Omnichannel handling with a consolidated interface for 30+ digital channels and voice
Agent productivity and enable agents to switch and add channels
Agents to personalize interactions with full customer context, conversation history and sentiment across channels
Digital-first contact center agent interface
Consolidated agent tools
Give your agents one interface that not only unites handling digital and voice channels, but also gives them access to the Workforce Management (WFM) and Quality Management (QM) tools they need and allows them to better self-manage with integrated real-time agent reports and dashboards. Consistent controls across interaction channels reduce training needs and allow the agent to focus on serving the customer.
  • Simplify interaction handling across channels with consistent controls
  • Allow the agent to focus on one interface, with integrated Reporting, WFM and QM
  • Reduce training and shorten ramp-up for introducing new channels and new agents
Empower agents to personalize
Give your agents access to customer data, interaction history and customer sentiment, regardless of interaction channel. This enables your agents to personalize interactions, resolve issues faster and reduce customer effort leading to better customer service across digital and voice channels.
  • Provide agents with customer data synchronized from CRM with each contact 
  • Display interaction history across channels 
  • Show customer sentiment to create agent awareness 
  • Empower agents to switch or add channels when appropriate for the customer
True Digital-first Omnichannel Customer Service
MAX – My Agent eXperience - is a digital-first true omnichannel agent interface that enables agents to handle virtually any interaction channel. It increases agent productivity by enabling agents to concurrently handle multiple interactions in different digital channels with different customers. Elevating contacts by switching or adding interaction channels facilitates first contact resolution and improves customer satisfaction, while increasing the agent’s sense of ownership, for more engaged interaction handling.
  • Optimize customer service with true omnichannel interaction handling
  • Increase agent productivity with an intuitive, unified interface across channels
  • Increase first contact resolution rates and customer satisfaction
  • Improve agent satisfaction