Digital messaging channels

Your customers are messaging. Now you can answer.

Better CX with messaging.

For your customers, messaging is the obvious choice - don’t let their voice go unheard.
More choices, happier customers
Offer a broad range of SMS/text, social media, and other digital messaging apps to meet customers where they are and offer a better experience.
Be social, be unique

Bring your customer service to life and keep it social. Use rich media, likes, emojis, retweets, buttons, in-app payment and other features that are “social only” to make customer service special.
All messaging, one solution

Use one solution for all messaging channels with unified routing, handling, reporting and analytics – and one administration, too.
Chat + Social + Talk
It adds up nicely

You customers are reaching out to you in a variety of social messaging channels. Can you interact with them where they are to keep them loyal – and happy? See how CXone enables your agents to “go social”.

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Messaging is the new normal.
Whether your customers use Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS, make sure you meet them where they are. Add messaging channels quickly and easily, no matter how many agents handle them. A prioritized digital inbox built to optimize handling asynchronous channels and cross-channel interaction history, customer sentiment and data help agents to personalize.

The CXone platform adds consolidated routing, reporting and analytics for all messaging channels and streamlines administration with a single interface and cross-channel data ensure wholistic insights. Increase CSAT and productivity for better business results - support messaging the smart way.
The messaging universe.
Across Social Messaging, Monitoring and SMS / text, there’s a number of distinct channels that customers prefer based on factors like use case, geography, age or simply current preference. Here’s your “at a glance” cheat sheet.
digital channels graphic for cxone
“A key benefit of CXone is that Swedish Rail now has a truly multichannel platform: phone, email, SMS text and social media, including Facebook Messenger, Facebook Wall and Twitter. All of them are routed through CXone, which enables them to report on channel performance individually and collectively.”
Per Valvik
Chief Information Officer Webhelp

Messaging for everyone.

What customers want
Make sure your customers can interact with you in the messaging channels they prefer to use in everyday life.

Know your customers
Give agents immediate access to interaction and cross-channel history plus customer data, sentiment and more with the Customer Card.

The big picture
Use CXone to report on and analyze data for any and all digital channels, including social messaging and monitoring, chat, SMS and bots.
You name it
Choose from the biggest selection of natively implemented channels, including social monitoring, social messaging and mobile apps, in the industry.
Have it your way
Make handling inbound SMS easy with consistent controls and interfaces and use proactive SMS to get in touch with customers that prefer digital.